Perfect Gift Ideas for a Fashionista Friend

With Christmas or any other occasions, it always helps to be thinking of ideas for that certain someone, the one in your life who is all about fashion.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for a fashionista friend or family member, we’ve got you covered. From the perfect jewelry options to gifts designed for the home, your fashionista will be thanking her lucky stars that you’re in her life.

Here’s The List:

1.Wardrobe Staples

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If you’re really strapped for ideas or are unsure of her exact tastes, get her some wardrobe staples. Buy high-quality T-shirts she can dress up, grab her a pair of jeans from her favorite designer, or wrap up some kicks she’ll be obsessed with. Simple often means classic, and with gifts like these, her look will always remain timeless.

2. Jewelry

Photo credit tips on buying jewelry from a jewelry store

Every fashionista needs the perfect jewelry to set off her outfit. Choose a simple, personalized necklace, purchase some show-stopping dangly earrings, or search out a unique ring that will accent her style. You can stick with simple pieces that provide an elegant touch, or find flashy items sure to draw some attention. Play to her favorites and give her a gift she can put on every day.

3. Literature Lover

Photo credit Table Book Sizes

If your fashionista friend is also a book lover, combine her two passions and buy her a novel from one of her favorite designers. There are also plenty of coffee table books that cover a variety of fashion trends and styles. A coffee table book will also serve as the perfect accessory for her living room, making this gift appeal to her passions and provide practicality.

4. Documentaries

Photo credit Five Favourite Fashion Documentaries

There is a variety of documentaries that will take her in-depth into the fashion world, and depending on her favorite designers or style choices, you’re sure to find one that she will love. If you can’t find specific titles, set her up with a Netflix subscription for all of her fashion film needs.

5. Bags

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From designer labels to simple purses that infuse an extra “oomph” to any street style maven’s look, fashionistas can always appreciate a great bag. This option works for any budget; check out Marshall’s or Ross for marked down designer bags, or head to your local flea market to find her a unique sac no one else will have. Play to her style, and give her something she can use in her everyday life.

6. Make Up Subscription

Photo credit Makeup Bag Must-Haves

If she’s just as obsessed with the latest bronzer as she is with the release of new fall clothing lines, sign her up with a subscription for a makeup delivery service. She’ll get a delivery straight to her door every month, and each box comes with a variety of different product samples to help her discover her next must-have beauty product. This is a gift that keeps on giving, and she’ll love having a surprise to come home to at the beginning of each month.

7. Designer Home

Photo credit home accessories

Every fashionista is sure to look good on the streets, so it makes sense that her home should be just as stylish. Make her face light up with home décor and everyday use items by purchasing designer products and gifts that will infuse chic, modern tones into her living space. Whether it’s sophisticated art for her living room or the latest trendy iPhone accessory, she’ll love anything that plays to her fine tastes. Outfit her apartment with the same style of fashion-forward accessories she dons on the daily, and you’ll have the perfect gift.

8. Hot Tools

Photo credit tools your hair will love

If she loves to try out new hairstyles, put hot tools on your list of potential gift ideas. Whether it be a ceramic straightener, a 1-inch barreled curling iron, or a blow dryer designed to help in the fight with frizz, this is one of the most practical presents you’ll find for a fashionista.

There are a variety of ideal gift options for the fashionista in your life, and you’ll be the friend of the year with the purchase of any of these excellent ideas.

SOURCE: 8 Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life


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