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Gingerbread Across Kansas City

Enjoy gingerbread, the traditional holiday treat, across the metro at our favorite attractions and restaurants.

  • Largest Gingerbread House

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:greatwolf.com/:Snowland

Great Wolf Lodge goes all out for the holidays as the entire resort transforms into Snowland. The centerpiece decoration is the life-size gingerbread house. The unique-as-a-snowflake masterwork welcomes you with amazingly detailed gingerbread walls, candy trim and plenty of white icing snow.

  • All New! Santa’s Gingerbread Village

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:the-vignette.com/:Santa’s Gingerbread Village

Crown Center brings a new interactive holiday exhibit where children meet and have their photo taken with Santa Claus, climb aboard the Crown Center Express Train Engine, and enjoy the return of Gingerbread Village. Santa is in residence November 27 through December 24. The play area is open through December 31. FREE admission. Photos with Santa are available for a fee, or you may take your own. Open during Crown Center Shops holiday hours. (Open at 11 a.m. on Sundays.) Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Closed Christmas Day.

  • Giant Interactive Gingerbread House

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:kcparent.com/:Ultimate Kansas City Christmas Fun Guide

Paradise Park is home to a bigger-than-life gingerbread house creation and is the coolest place to warm your holiday spirits and have a blast too. Enjoy a laser light show, holiday music and indoor snow for an enchanting, fairy tale memory your whole family will love!

  • Best Real Gingerbread Houses

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:pvpost.com/:6th annual gingerbread house decorating parties raise funds for Prairie Village Youth Scholarship Activity Fund

Mely’s in Corinth Square (4051 Somerset Dr., Prairie Village, KS, 913.381.9642) annually sells freshly baked gingerbread houses, both decorated and undecorated for those who want to adorn their own as a family activity.

  • Largest Gingerbread Man

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:coppergifts.com/:Gingerbrea

Kansas-based company Copper Gifts sells handmade cookie cutters for any occasion, and the classic gingerbread man is one of their specialties. You can purchase gingerbread cookie cutters in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from Copper Gifts, ranging from a 3.5-inch classic gingerbread man all the way to an enormous one measuring 15 x 22 x 3 inches!

  • Best Gingerbread You Can Drink

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:shiftingthebalance.com/:A Kansas City Weekend

EggTc. is known for their scrumptious breakfast. They serve all your favorite breakfast classics and, in time for the winter holidays, they serve a delicious gingerbread latte. EggTc. has two locations in the metro: 5107 Main St., Kansas City, MO, 816.561.0116 and 7182 Renner Rd., Shawnee, KS, 913.631.4400.

  • Tastiest Gingerbread Cookie Served in a Gingerbread House

Kansas City's Gingerbread- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:bakingamoment.com/:Gingerbread Cookies that Don’t Spread in the Oven

Okay, Hi Hat Coffee (5012 State Line Rd., Westwood Hills, KS, 913.722.5000) isn’t located in an actual gingerbread house, but it sure looks a lot like one. This Westwood Hills coffee shop is adorable, offers friendly service, delicious coffee and quality baked goods, including delicious gingerbread cookies.

Did You Know?

GINGERBREAD is a sweet food-product flavored with ginger and typically using honey or molasses (treacle) rather than sugar. Gingerbread foods vary, ranging from a soft, moist loaf cake to something close to a ginger biscuit. The different types likely share a common origin. There are a lot of varieties in making gingerbread. Some is a form of stylized human, called Gingerbread man, and other is a gingerbread house which is a model house made of gingerbread.


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WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com


Men in general, do not have too many choices when it comes to accessorizing, unlike the plethora that women have- make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, handbags, etc. Does this mean that men just cannot be fashionable? Far from it! In this post, we will discuss how the scarf can be a powerful accessory in creating your style.

Here are the 6 different ways to wear a scarf that can instantly upgrade your good look to an awesome look:

1. The City Slicker

WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:blog.lee.com/:5 Manly Ways to Wear a Scarf

When out and about in the crisp city air, this classic knot is a no-nonsense choice that keeps your scarf neat and stylish with no fuss. Simply fold the scarf in half length-wise and wrap it around your neck, pulling the loose ends through the loop that was created by the fold. The City Slicker knot instantly adds a clean, put-together shape to your outfit, whether that be a cozy sweater and chinos or a dapper suit.

2. The Sophisticate

WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:themansworkshop.com/:MEN’S STYLE GUIDE – THE SCARF

This scarf style is the perfect balance between put together and laid-back. Drape the scarf around your neck, leaving one end shorter than the other. Wrap the longer end loosely around your neck once or, if you would like a more bundled look, wrap it around twice with both ends lying in the front. Allowing one end to be slightly longer than the other gives a more natural and spontaneous look, but the length can be adjusted to your preference. The Sophisticate style can be paired with anything from a winter coat to a T-shirt and cardigan. Everyguyed.com calls this look the Once Around.

3. The Ivy Leaguer

WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:gallery.airows.com/:The Complete Scarf Guide

Look like a regular Harvard man with this elegant and studious scarf style. The Ivy Leaguer can go from very formal to a casual day look depending on the outfit and scarf itself. There are two variations: the scarf draped over the blazer or tucked under the lapel. This style can be worn with an opera scarf over a tuxedo or with a blazer and sweater.

4. The Connoisseur

WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:trunkclub.com/:HOW TO WEAR A SCARF

Because The Connoisseur is reminiscent of an ascot, it is perfect for a man who enjoys the finer things in life. To create The Connoisseur, lay the scarf around your neck so both ends are even in the front. Bring one end over and under the other like a single knot. Drape the front end over the back and adjust length to your liking. This style can be worn loose, but also looks great when tucked into a blazer or a v-neck sweater. The Connoisseur gives a refined air to your everyday garb.

5. The Jet Setter

WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:blog.lee.com/:5 Manly Ways to Wear a Scarf

Adopting this classic scarf style will give an effortless feel to your outfit. First, drape the scarf around your neck with one end shorter than the other. Next, wrap the longer end of the scarf across the front of your neck and let it hang over your opposite shoulder. If the scarf is extra long, wrap it around your neck once before placing it behind your shoulder. The Jet Setter will have you looking like a globetrotter in no time.

6. The Weekender

WAYS TO TIE A SCARF FOR MEN- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:besosscarves.com/:A Man’s Guide to the Scarf

Like its name suggests, The Weekender is a more casual scarf knot that looks both contemporary and nonchalant. Start with one end in the front, close to your neck, and wrap the long end around your neck until it is short. Tuck both ends into the wrapped scarf and fluff out for preferred volume.



artofstyle.hucklebury.com/: 6 Ways Men Can Wear A Scarf

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com


Here are the  top picks for our favorite Kansas City T-shirts.

Our Favorites In KC This Year:

  • Ocean & Sea

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:oceanandsea.com/:The Heart (royal tee)

Ocean & Sea was established in 2013 as a creative vessel for local designers, Brendan & Amanda O’Shaughnessy. Ocean & Sea carries our favorite local t-shirt, “The Heart.” We love the tee and the inspiration behind it: Kansas City bridges the ports both geographically and figuratively. The shirt is made in the USA and printed in KC. The fabric is comprised of a tri-blend mix (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) which yields a super soft, shrink-resistant fit. It comes in heather grey or turquoise and runs for $32.

  • Freelance

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:kshb.com/:Kansas City fans from all walks of life celebrate Royals success heading into Game 7

The Freelance brand surged to local popularity last October when “The Crown” design became one of Kansas City’s hottest, and now iconic, apparel items for Royals fans. The designers have major design cred in KC beyond The Crown, having branded some of Kansas City‘s most popular downtown restaurants. Freelance’s motto perfectly sums up their brand’s personality: “Support the people and causes that you believe in and your life will be filled with peace and meaning.”

  • Baldwin

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:thesomething-project.blogspot.com/:DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT {BALDWIN DENIM}

Local designer, Matt Baldwin, has received all kinds of love and national publicity from publications like GQ, and from celebrities like Jay-Z and Ellen. There is something really unique, and very Kansas City, about each piece that Baldwin creates. The crew in white, “Little KC,” is one of our favorite ways to rep KC. This men’s slim fit crew neck tee features an open neck and relaxed lower body and runs. For women, we love The V in graphite “KC US.”

  • Bozz Prints

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:bozzprints.com/:Kansas City Royalty T-Shirt

John Bosley’s name is new to KC apparel world, but his work isn’t. Bosley was the lead designer at RAYGUN for six years before recently breaking away to build his own design brand. Bozz’s crisp, clever illustration style features Kansas City’s most recognizable icons with aesthetic perfection.

  • MADE Urban Apparel

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:madeurbanapparel.com/:KC BLUE

MADE Urban Apparel was co-founded in 2012 by three friends working together for “the man.” They decided to collaborate by turning their artistic skills and ambitions into reality. The “816” tee is from their “strength in numbers” collection and features front and back print. Like all their products, the t-shirt is Kansas City made. We also love the “Always Royal” tee from their “Trust your Struggle” collection.

  • KC Bravery

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:kcbravery.com/:816 / 913 Shirt

We love Kansas City Bravery Company’s collection of KC-inspired designs. The “816 | 913” tee was inspired by the iconic logo of Run DMC and is printed on the American Apparel track shirt. Another favorite of KC Bravery’s thoughtfully designed collection is “UNITE, KC” shirt, featuring each county of the city.

  • Charlie Hustle

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:charliehustleshop.com/: KC HEART | NAVY

Charlie Hustle has earned icon status in Kansas City. The vintage t-shirt company is out to preserve the old school using the t-shirt as a canvas for artistic expression. The “KC Heart” t-shirt is a staple tee of the Charlie Hustle brand, representing their hometown of Kansas City, the Heart of America. Made with polyester, rayon and cotton, these super soft tees come in multiple colors and styles, including children’s versions.

  • Collar for Collar

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:thisiskc.com/: COLLAR FOR COLLAR DOES IT FOR DOGS’ SAKE

Collar For Collar was created by Kansas City natives who share a deep love and passion for dogs. They’ve built a product line that is dedicated to the cause of saving dogs from inhumane, unhappy, and unhealthy lives. The “Kansas City Bred” t-shirt comes in coal and royal blue. Collar For Collar will donate half the profits from the sale of this shirt to a Kansas City-area rescue organization. This ultra soft and stretchy blended tee features an icon tag on each neckline (or collar) that symbolizes the impact a purchase has made toward saving dogs; your collar for their collar.

  • Sandlot Goods

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:sandlotgoods.com/: Made In KC Tee – Powder Blue $30.00

We love Sandlot Goods. Katy, Chad and Ryan started the company with the idea that every product would give a nod to the simplicity of our past and connect us to the good old days. Their old-school P.E.-type shirt, “Made In KC,” is growing into a recognizable icon around the city.

  • Bandwagon Merchandise

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:store.bandwagonmerch.com/:KC Monogram T-Shirt

Bandwagon Merchandise is a full-service print shop specializing mostly in screen-printed apparel items. “Kansas City Streets” is a simple design on a heather gray shirt featuring some of KC’s most popular streets, west to east, from Broadway to Troost. Their “KC Monogram” t-shirt features the new Kansas City, Missouri logo on a surprise shirt. You tell them which size, and for $10 they’ll pick a color.

  • Maker Village KC

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:makervillagekc.org/:MAKERS GOTTA MAKE T $26.00

Maker Village KC has made it their goal to lower the barriers into the maker movement for Kansas Citians. They are currently rehabing an old commercial building at 31st and Cherry, where they plan to open a community workshop providing people access to commercial woodworking and metal working equipment for prototyping and small-batch production. MVKC is geared to inspire and enable entrepreneurs, craftsmen/women and artists. Their “Maker Village Logo” t-shirt is screen printed locally and manufactured in America by American Apparel.

  • Normal Human

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:nrmlhmn.com/:KC Wheat Arrows T-Shirt

Normal Human is a retail screen-printing shop located in Westport, KC. The shop sells original designs on shirts, aprons, tote bags, cards, tea towels, baby clothes, pet apparel and more. Their super soft KC Hoodie runs for $48 and is printed on Alternative Apparel’s unisex Eco-Heather Zip Hoodie. We also love their KC Wheat Baseball Unisex Tee for $26, printed on tri-blend athletic gray American Apparel unisex tee.

  • The Bunker

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:bunkeronline.com/:Bunkermade KCMO S/S Men’s T-Shirt Royal KC Crown

One of KC’s most popular spots to buy many of these t-shirts makes some pretty great designs of their own. The KCMO t-shirt is a local favorite and is available in different designs and colors.

  • Flat Black Cult

Kansas City T-Shirts- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:darcyeden.com/:FLAT BLACK CULT VINTAGE FOOTBALL TEES

They’re vintage. They’re ridiculous. They’re available with quick shipping in our Shop // or at flatblackcult.com.


findingkansascity.com/: Unique Kansas City T-Shirts Taking Over Town

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com

Perfect Gift Ideas for a Fashionista Friend

With Christmas or any other occasions, it always helps to be thinking of ideas for that certain someone, the one in your life who is all about fashion.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for a fashionista friend or family member, we’ve got you covered. From the perfect jewelry options to gifts designed for the home, your fashionista will be thanking her lucky stars that you’re in her life.

Here’s The List:

1.Wardrobe Staples

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:sarahpetrie.wordpress.com/:Wardrobe Essentials Part I

If you’re really strapped for ideas or are unsure of her exact tastes, get her some wardrobe staples. Buy high-quality T-shirts she can dress up, grab her a pair of jeans from her favorite designer, or wrap up some kicks she’ll be obsessed with. Simple often means classic, and with gifts like these, her look will always remain timeless.

2. Jewelry

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:assabetriver.org/:5 tips on buying jewelry from a jewelry store

Every fashionista needs the perfect jewelry to set off her outfit. Choose a simple, personalized necklace, purchase some show-stopping dangly earrings, or search out a unique ring that will accent her style. You can stick with simple pieces that provide an elegant touch, or find flashy items sure to draw some attention. Play to her favorites and give her a gift she can put on every day.

3. Literature Lover

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:valiant-design.com/:Coffee Table Book Sizes

If your fashionista friend is also a book lover, combine her two passions and buy her a novel from one of her favorite designers. There are also plenty of coffee table books that cover a variety of fashion trends and styles. A coffee table book will also serve as the perfect accessory for her living room, making this gift appeal to her passions and provide practicality.

4. Documentaries

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:frontrowmag.com/:Our Five Favourite Fashion Documentaries

There is a variety of documentaries that will take her in-depth into the fashion world, and depending on her favorite designers or style choices, you’re sure to find one that she will love. If you can’t find specific titles, set her up with a Netflix subscription for all of her fashion film needs.

5. Bags

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:pasal.in/:BAGS

From designer labels to simple purses that infuse an extra “oomph” to any street style maven’s look, fashionistas can always appreciate a great bag. This option works for any budget; check out Marshall’s or Ross for marked down designer bags, or head to your local flea market to find her a unique sac no one else will have. Play to her style, and give her something she can use in her everyday life.

6. Make Up Subscription

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:gotobeautyschool.com/:10 Makeup Bag Must-Haves

If she’s just as obsessed with the latest bronzer as she is with the release of new fall clothing lines, sign her up with a subscription for a makeup delivery service. She’ll get a delivery straight to her door every month, and each box comes with a variety of different product samples to help her discover her next must-have beauty product. This is a gift that keeps on giving, and she’ll love having a surprise to come home to at the beginning of each month.

7. Designer Home

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:aboyandhisbike.com/:designer home accessories

Every fashionista is sure to look good on the streets, so it makes sense that her home should be just as stylish. Make her face light up with home décor and everyday use items by purchasing designer products and gifts that will infuse chic, modern tones into her living space. Whether it’s sophisticated art for her living room or the latest trendy iPhone accessory, she’ll love anything that plays to her fine tastes. Outfit her apartment with the same style of fashion-forward accessories she dons on the daily, and you’ll have the perfect gift.

8. Hot Tools

GIFT IDEAS FOR THE FASHIONISTA- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from:shopping.yahoo.com/:Hot tools your hair will love

If she loves to try out new hairstyles, put hot tools on your list of potential gift ideas. Whether it be a ceramic straightener, a 1-inch barreled curling iron, or a blow dryer designed to help in the fight with frizz, this is one of the most practical presents you’ll find for a fashionista.

There are a variety of ideal gift options for the fashionista in your life, and you’ll be the friend of the year with the purchase of any of these excellent ideas.


sarahscoop.com/: 8 Gift Ideas for the Fashionista in Your Life

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com

Christmas Photography Tips

Christmas time is the most energetic and exciting time to take photographs for a variety of reasons, the natural elements, the most captivating and imaginative decorations (including Christmas lights) and the festive mood that overcomes whole communities. You can photograph during the day, but some of the most evocative images can be found at night. The brilliance provided by the pure white snow adds some challenges, but there are some benefits too.

Let’s take a look at how to get the most effective Christmas photos.

Here’s the Tip:

1. Be Ready and Prepared

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: thesocialpicture.com/:Christmas Family Photography

Make sure you’re ready to capture any planned event is part of the key to a successful shoot. Getting yourself ready, but also the location of your shots is worthwhile.

♦ Pack the camera

♦ Make sure your batteries are charged

♦ Pack extra memory cards

♦ Put someone on ‘photos’

♦ Consider the light in the room that you’ll be photographing in.

2. Photograph Outdoors

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: photoaxe.com/: 10 MAGICAL TIPS FOR CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHY

The cold chill of winter brings a certain purity to the air. Even the light usually has a different quality to it. This is all great for your photography. Get out in the brisk air and take photos of the snow-covered homes and lawns in your area. Most neighborhoods have several families that nearly go overboard with their enthusiasm for the season and have decked out their homes with intricate lighting and prop arrangements these make excellent backdrops for your photos.

Also, shoot at night where the whiteness of the snow elevate the overall light level. You’ll want to use long shutter speeds – below 1/15 (which might require a tripod) – to get some spectacular shots of the lit-up houses and the sky.

3. Christmas Lights & Ornaments

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: decoist.com/: Christmas Tree Ornaments Adding Charm to Your Home

Christmas lights and ornaments are the holiday decorations you’ll find in nearly every Christmastime photograph; they’re a staple, but they’re also a cliché staple. You’ll want to find ways to utilize them in inventive ways – extreme close ups or just having them dominate the frame where the “subjects”, the people, populates the background to give dimension and suggest depth.

♦ Don’t be afraid to unplug lights so they might be off directly behind your subject, but turned on in the opposite side of the frame… it’s a way to balance the composition and not add a distracting element.

♦ Another interesting and effective technique you can employ when photographing ornaments and Christmas tree lights is the Bokeh technique. With Bokeh, you use the blurred or soft focus part of an image (that’s just outside of the depth of field) as part of the image composition.

♦ One way to enhance the effect is to place a piece of black paperboard with a shape cut out of it in front of the lens, and the soft-focus/blurred light halos will take on the shape of what you cut into the paperboard. It’s a neat effect that can add character to your photographs.

4. Express Relationships

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: familyartphotographyblog.com/:Ideas for Taking Great Christmas Photos

Holidays are days that highlight the importance of relationships, with Christmas being the granddaddy of them all. The stress and pressure of the passing year may wear on everyone, yet everyone is glad to relax and spend time with family. As with Thanksgiving, you have a chance to take photographs that define emotional moments for years, if not decades to come. Try to get them to smile and laugh.!

5. Capture the Preparation Stages

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: tonispilsbury.com/: Christmas Decorating

The actual Christmas meal or party is obviously the best part of the day, but there are other photographic opportunities, particularly in the preparation stages of the day.

Families come together at holidays, but not just for the main event, they come to help decorate… and these are exciting, fun-filled moments, so they’re ripe with photographic opportunity!

♦ Food preparation
♦ Putting up decorations
♦ Wrapping gifts
♦ Kids throwing a tantrum while getting dressed in their Christmas outfits
♦ Setting the table

The shots before the event starts properly are often great because they show everything at its best before everyone descends on your party zone.

6. Focus on the Eyes

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: creativemotiondesign.com/: HOLIDAY FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS: TIPS FOR TOP SHOTS

All pictures of people soar when you focus in on your subject’s eyes, and that’s no different with Christmas time photos. It’s critical to compose the image with as little headroom and dead space on the sides as possible, so the image is more about the faces and the eyes than anything else.

7. Take Group Portraits

Christmas Photography Tips- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: rogerzki.wordpress.com/: Post Christmas photos

Christmas photos can have dual uses – you take them for the memories/recordkeeping, and you can use them as your family’s Christmas card. Either way, you want to make sure that you, the photographer, are in some of the important family photos. You’ll want to position everyone by the Christmas tree and have some presents in the composition too.

♦ Use a tripod for this group shot

♦ Use the camera’s timer (so you can get in the photo too) — Set your exposure values (shutter, ISO and aperture), compose your frame, set the timer interval (between 3 – 10 seconds), then press the shutter.


exposureguide.com/: Christmas Photography Tips

digital-photography-school.com/: 16 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas

clothing fashion- myblondeambitions.com

Style Experts Prep for Kansas City’s Fashion For A Cause


Fashion for a Cause is a fundraiser that directly benefits Truman Medical Centers’ Women Health Services.

For ten years, the funds raised through TMC Charitable Foundation’s Fashion For A Cause have made life-giving and life-saving care possible to women in our community. Women’s Health at Truman Medical Centers (TMC) includes breast health, obstetrics, gynecology, cancer care, and primary health and wellness – care that empowers and honors women through every step of life’s journey.

fashion- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from uk.pinterest.com/Explore Fashion Outfit, Kansas City and more!



clothing fashion- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from fox4kc.com/PHOTO GALLERY: Fashion For a Cause Charity Event



As one of the Kansas City’s top-rated fashion events, Fashion For A Cause sponsors is positively aligned with a strong brand and a vital community asset. Your support brings extraordinary hope to thousands of women each year who receive quality, compassionate care at TMC.

clothing fashion- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from: dailymail.co.uk/Geri Horner and new husband Christian make a very handsome couple as they enjoy joint appearance at charity event

Fashion For A Cause is Kansas City’s favorite see-and-be-seen fashion show supporting Women’s Health at TMC. Join us for this chic and sensational 10th Anniversary event featuring top local boutiques and hometown designers.

clothing fashion- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from melanieknopke.com/Florals and The Fashion Show


clothing fashion- myblondeambitions.com
Photo credit from fox4kc.com/PHOTO GALLERY: Fashion For a Cause Charity Event




fox4kc.com:/ Style experts prep for Kansas City’s Fashion For A Cause